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The Maestrale Voice

The Maestrale Voice. Synopsis.

The Maestrale Voice talks about the ancient time of Sicily, hidden between the magnificence of the countryside and the blue sea. Totò Musumeci grew up listening to that voice, and he came to know the ancient stories that became legend. Now, a mysterious force calls him to be part of a secret adventure, while...

The Maestrale Voice. A century of Sicily.

The Maestrale Voice. A century of Sicily. First English Edition. Nunzio Russo’s The Maestrale Voice could be defined as a painting, rather than a novel. The author’s delicate pen gently describes a century of Sicily, specifically the part of the island that gave birth to the product that most represents Italy: the pasta. His...

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Tecnica Molitoria. La Voce del Maestrale e' una storia siciliana di ampio respiro, un'opera di letteratura sul mondo della pasta alimentare.

Tecnica Molitoria dedica una recensione a "La Voce del Maestrale" - leggi l'articolo ...

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